I'm Carolyn. I'm a former Character Performer Cast Member at Walt Disney World and a former Cast Member at the Disney Store. I'm a film student at an art school who spends her days making movies, and seeing Savannah through the windshield of a British flag-adorned Mini Cooper :)
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Dear Lord, tomorrow’s gonna be almost certainly awful so could you please send some good news my way? I would be eternally grateful.

I just hate trying to ignore the fact that I graduate in a month, get married in two, and still don’t have a job lined up for when I graduate. And thanks to all this hullabaloo with other people screwing things up, I hope I meet these deadlines and actually can graduate. 

I’ve been staying so positive lately, but tomorrow’s gonna be really hard. So some good news please?


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Princess Tiana feels a little rejected… :/

Tiana… ahhhh be still my heart