Hey, I actually got tagged in a thing! No one ever picks me!

Tag Game
I was tagged by the beautiful my-great-wide-somewhere.

 Tag game: give us five random things about yourself & pass it on to ten of your followers. REPOST. DON’T REBLOG.

1. I was apparently a brilliant baby and was speaking full sentences before I was one. Like, I had full-on adult conversations (wait, not like “adult" conversations…) with my mom and people in the supermarket would get weirded out because I was so teeny and speaking normally. I even called a really muscular man with a ponytail "Gaston."

2. I feel the most beautiful when I make other people laugh. Like, their embarrassing, hearty, full-belly laugh. I don’t think of myself as particularly funny, but I think laughter is beautiful and I feel wonderful making other people happy.

3. I suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and have pretty crippling social anxiety but I’m not ashamed in the slightest. These “labels” make me who I am and in order to love myself, I have to become comfortable with these aspects. I’m a chaotic mess, and sometimes I fear I will never truly understand myself, but my life will be an adventure!

4. My favorite tv shows make me sound like an old lady: I love court room shows like Judge Judy and The People’s Court, and I never miss a Dr. Phil. I’m constantly wanting to sue someone so I can impress Judge Judy or Judge Milian with my knowledge. 

5. I’ve always wanted to be a performer/work in films (hence my jobs and degree), but I alway get jealous during back to school. I’m obsessed with office supplies and being organized (my life is color coded), and I’ve always wanted to decorate my own classroom. 

I’m tagging: thedisneytwins, the-frozen-princess, upandawaytoneverlandsgrwrgndwn, and southern—grace. And that’s all because I’m lazy and have to get up early tomorrow and can’t stay up anymore!!