Anonymous asked:

whats going on w/ disney?

There were some forms that didn’t go through in my email, and without them they can’t make an offer of employment. So I filled out the forms right before the interview, and the lady said she hoped they’d have an offer for me by the end of this week. So… tomorrow maybe? lol

If I don’t hear by the middle of next week, my husband and I will just have to stay put. The Disney Store set up a date for me to come in and complete my paperwork, and my husband also got a job offer so we just need to get going here. 

Still waiting…

So Disney forgot to send me some forms prior to my interview so that messed everything up. The lady called and told me that she just resent them, so to fill them out, then she’d call when she got them.

So then when she called back, we had the interview, and she said she didn’t currently have an offer of employment but she hoped she’d have one for me by the end of the week. Oh boy.

And now Eli’s at his interview, not knowing whether to take it or not. Whatever the reason, God still wants us to pray about this. It’s all just starting to domino…