Disney phone interview is scheduled for first thing Tuesday morning.

So on Tuesday, I’ll know if my husband and I are packing it all up, taking a huge leap of faith, and moving to Orlando, or taking the opportunities we have here and staying put. It kinda depends on what offer Disney makes; obviously I’m not uprooting two lives for a seasonal position… it’s just not worth it.

But we shall see. Thank you so much for all your thoughts, prayers, and pixie dust! I may be hanging out with Mickey before I know it!

positivelymckenna asked:

I was thinking you'd be able to be the Pirate Fairy very well, but that other poster is right, you'd make a fantastic Jane!!! Also, although not Disney, I think you'd make a perfect Anastasia as well!

Aw thank you!! Anastasia’s my absolute favorite!! Before I ombred my hair I kinda looked like her lol